Pubg mobile 2020 advanced secrets tricks

Pubg mobile 2020 advanced secrets tricks

Hey what’s up people welcome back again on Kartik Hub. Today we are again beginning with Pubg mobile erangel tricks advanced, pubg mobile secrets tricks 2020, I found that nowadays various pubg mobile players are looking up for pubg mobile tricks advanced. Therefore Kartik hub came back with Pubg mobile secrets tricks 2020.

Pubg mobile 2020 advanced secrets tricks

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS ARTICLE [Pubg mobile erangel tricks advanced] –

  • About pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips
  • Secrets location in erangel map pubg mobile
  • Hot to survive in erangel till last play zone.

Share out this pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips, with your pubg mobile squad or teammates. And let Kartik hub know in the comment section below about this article.

All new Pubg mobile erangel tricks advanced :

I love to share pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips, with the audiences of Kartik Hub. Me and my brother Vaibhav used to play pubg mobile a lot, and playing day by day pubg mobile. Gives us automatically the pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips advanced. That have to be shared with you all pubg mobile players. So let’s explore the pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips down below.

1. Try out Pubg Mobile Shelter Cave location –

You can land on shelter, and go inside pubg mobile shelters cave. In shelter we can easily loot level 3 pubg mobile guns, backpacks, and many more inside only shelter.

The main use of shelter location in pubg mobile, is to loot level 3, and getting cover while being protecting from pubg mobile enemies fighting outside. There are almost 4-5 opening caves gate in pubg mobile. You can get insides these pubg mobile shelter caves to loot and protect or hide yourself.

2. Get on the bridges upon rivers in pubg mobile –

I’m very well known that about pubg mobile bridges you guys had already understood this upper heading. You had been seen many pubg mobile bridges upon rivers. For example I’m going to tell you the location of bridges in pubg mobile.

Location Of Bridges In Pubg Mobile –

  • Two bridges towards south in which one is heading towards Novvorennoye. And the other pubg mobile bridge is towards military base ( Sosnovka island ).
  • A bridge which is in between the two directly continuous roads connecting Yasnaya Polyana and Severny.
  • Between rozhok and georgopol a bridge is connecting pubg mobile players to move upward in the north to Zharki.
  • Two bridges in georgopol to move northwards towards Zharki and Severny.
  • There are 2 small bridges in right side of Rozhok in Pubg mobile.

What is the use of bridges in Pubg Mobile ?

While your pubg mobile squads is doing bridge camp, while playing pubg mobile. And your pubg mobile squad is up on bridge then find out a way to climb on the bridge. This will hide you whole pubg mobile squads perfectly.

While the other pubg mobile squad is taking up your place on bridge doing bridge camping. You can easily kill them from hiding yourself on the pubg mobile bridges. Try out this pubg mobile bridge trick and let us known in comment box down.

3. In the last circle (end play zone), jump on the tree –

Here is the way on Kartik hub, that how could a pubg mobile player jump on trees. For this pubg mobile erangel trick you will need a pubg mobile vehicle except pubg mobile bikes. Hit that pubg mobile car so hardly into the tree in between the last play zone.

When the pubg mobile vehicle will get inside the tree. Jump on the pubg mobile car whether it is a pubg mobile buggy or pubg mobile dacia. And then climb up on the tree to kills the pubg mobile enemies. A pubg mobile player can easily hide himself in the tree and can also kills the pubg mobile enemies around.

4. If a pubg mobile player from your squad goes offline, try up these method to save him from being killed by a pubg enemy –

Use a pubg mobile vehicle – if your teammate is offline and you want to carry him along with your squad. Then find a pubg mobile car, and hit that offline player so gets up on the car. And take along with that offline player to safe zone and wait till that player again comes online.

Collect smoke grenades and use them wisely when your one of squad teammate had been offline. Throw smoke grenades on that player who is being offline while playing pubg mobile. The smoke will protect his visibility from other pubg mobile enemies.

5. Use pochinki Church for Highest Pubg Mobile Kills –

You may had been seen church in pubg mobile location ( pochinki ). A blackish color church in pochinki pubg mobile situated 50 meter to 100 meter away upwards. After looting in pochinki a pubg mobile player may move ahead to pubg mobile pochinki church.

A pubg mobile player can killed many enemies and get enough of highest kills after looting in pochinki. You can get also level 3 loot in pochinki church. And went up of church by stairs and snipe the pochinki.

6. Founded a drop in pubg mobile, wear Gillie suit to reduce less visibility in grass –

A pubg mobile player had already been to be a drop looter. Or when you fire a flare gun, and when have been looted a normal drop and a flare drop. Sometimes we got to be compelled with Gillie suit. Wear it to protect yourself against an pubg mobile enemy in grass.

There is always been many pubg mobile snake in the last circle of play zone. Usually a pubg mobile player make himself a snake so the other pubg mobile player couldn’t been more able to see his pubg mobile enemy.

7. Want a Pubg Mobile Flare Gun, try your luck and land on Mylta Power and lipovka –

A flare gun in pubg mobile is very rare nowadays after the new pubg mobile update. For a flare gun in pubg mobile, a player of pubg mobile should always try his best luck at Mylta Power and Lipovka.

Mylta Power and Lipovka are the two locations in pubg mobile. Where the chances increases of getting a flare gun in pubg mobile. Loot up the whole pubg mobile location Mylta power and Lipovka. Maybe you find a more than a one flare gun in pubg mobile.

8. Pubg mobile locations for highest pubg mobile kills –
  • Rozhok
  • Pochinki
  • georgopol
  • Military base
  • Shelter
  • Novorennoye
  • Yasnaya Polyana

and you can comment us down, if me [KARTIK HUB] and vaibhav had left any of the interesting pubg mobile tricks and tips.

So people usually, me and vaibhav had experienced this pubg mobile erangel tricks and tips advanced. Sometime while pubg mobile, next time we will upload a great post for pubg mobile tricks and tips. Thank you.

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