PUBG has come up with the lethal Pan shot feature with its new update 5.1

PUBG has recently come up with the update 5.1 and therefore the players can
now have access to the Pan shot feature.

new  update 5.1

With this feature, killing enemies would become even more easier. Besides
this, the Pan shots that are generated using random items are much more
effective than guns.

How pan shot are used to kill enemies?

To start off, you can use pan shots and then throw random stuffs to your
enemies. The key to success is to hit your enemies on their upper body in order to get effective results. In the process, some enemies would be killed instantly while some would suffer collateral damage.

For instance, you can try out frying pan. You can throw the frying pans to your enemies and make sure that they get hurt.

This is indeed one of the official, effective and unconventional tips that you can try out in the recent update 5.1.

In order to throw pans at your enemies, you just need to pick up some random
stuff and use customized controls to attack your opponents. There can be instances when the enemies can escape these attacks, but if you use proper strategy, then you can definitely get the desired results. Besides this, you can also pass on essential items to your teammates if required.

Some of these items include passing on energy drinks and essential supplies to your wounded teammates.

This is one of the wonderful feature that you get with PUBG Mobile Update
5.1. Furthermore, there are other notable addition which includes new vending
machine available in Miramar where you can easily get the necessary items.

In addition, PUBG Mobile is also getting the new update payload mode and
0.15.0 and thus it has become more playable now with the inclusion of new
features. Some of these features are Halloween costume theme, Desert Eagle Pistol, BRDM-2 amphibious tanker, ledge grab to name a few. Besides this, the payload mode has come up with a number of new enhancements which includes rocket launchers, heavy machinery, grenade launchers and riding helicopters.

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